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How Solar Works

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity through sunlight. The silicon in PV panels holds free electrons. The sun’s intense light energy knocks out these free electron particles creating electrical current. The current flows through the system, as illustrated above, to where you need it most.

Solar PV is clean renewable energy production and a great alternative solution for your increasing energy needs. Solar energy produces power with zero emissions. Steiner provides the complete turnkey solution from concept to startup. We help you through PV panel selection, grid connection and system maintenance.

How Solar Works?
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Why Solar Works

Illinois is a strong environment to harvest sunlight. Germany is considered the world’s solar harvesting leader. The simple truth is, Northern Illinois absorbs over 38% more solar irradiation than anywhere in Germany. Meaning, our landscape has the potential to harvest more solar energy than the current world leader. Additionally, Illinois is a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) state. The RPS is a state law that requires 25% of the electricity generated in Illinois comes from renewable resources by 2025. The time is now. Demand is building.

Solar protects your budget from spiking energy costs. Steiner will maximize your incentive potential to accelerate the project’s ROI.

Photovoltaic Solar Resource: United States & Germany

Why Solar Works

Annual average solar resource data are for a solar collector oriented toward the south at a tilt = local latitude. The data is derived from a model developed at SUNY/Albany using geostationary weather satellite data for the period 1998-2005. The data for Germany were acquired from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and is the yearly sum of global irradation on an optimally-inclined surface for the period 1981-1990. Source: Based on the information provided by NREL, National Renewable Energy Laboratory for U.S. Department of Energy.


The most important component of the solar Photovoltaic (PV) system is the panel. The system’s efficiency is driven by the panel’s ability to absorb solar irradiation. The PV panel is the single component that directly interacts with the sun. The panel’s efficiency lies in its electron concentration’s absorptive capability.

Steiner offers the premier solar panel and components. We support the total solution. We have the experiential foundation to solve our customer’s most pressing concerns with top of the industry know how and product application. Steiner has exactly what you need.

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We Know Clean Energy Solutions

More than ever companies are scrutinized on not just profitability, but their sustainability and social responsibility. Steiner offers solutions that help our customers drive and maintain their goals on all three levels. Take advantage of our products and services for clean energy solutions for lighting and control, motors, drives, photovoltaic (solar) and electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations from the industries leading manufacturers.

Steiner continues to invest in the future to anticipate and provide the technical expertise, products and support needed for you to understand and make the best decision about the latest technology.

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